Damir Doma.

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I’ve had a pair of Max mara boots for almost 8 years now, I’ve worn them almost every day, they’ve been with my on all trips abroad, they’ve been to Roskilde festival, countless concerts and even more parties. Which of course has made them look more like the boots worn by Oliver Twist than an expensive pair of Max Mara boots. I’ve had them fixed 9 times, but last week I had to finally let them go, and find a new pair. That’s why I was so excited when I found these Damir Doma “sneaks” 50% off at Nag Store! Hi new favorite shoes!


Hype Hype!

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- Outfit du jour -

Went shopping for a few things in the H&M kids section today, because apparently I’m a size 10 yr. and finally got a chance to take my new Dries Van Noten heels out on a stroll. Also how incredible is the hype on the shirt (with matching shorts)? Can’t believe it was sold out in a single weekend, but then again, it’s soooo comfortable!

Chanel Sunglasses / Cecilie Copenhagen Blouse / Chanel Bag / Helmut Lang Pants / Dries Van Noten Heels.


Monday Blues.

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My head is a mess (in more ways than one) So I decided to do a little beheading for this lovely picture! Bummed around Copenhagen today, enjoying the slightly warm weather we’re having, which is perfect for a mix between warmer & colder clothes! Still hoping for a last minute Roskilde ticket, and if that falls through I’ll be headed to Sweden!

Helmut Lang Top / Vintage Blouse / Helmut Lang Leather Pants / Acne Shoes


Brooklyn Favorites.


Having spent my last week in NY at my friend Amanda’s apartment in BK,  a lot of restaurant visit’s were a must. So I thought I’d share a few, at least I’d share my absolute favorite ones in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Restaurants :

Roebling Tea Room / Extra Fancy / Caracas / Meatball Shop / Five Leaves / Antica Pesa / Café Colette / Maison Premiere / La Superior

Bars :

Hotel Delmano / Maracuja / Miller’s Tavern / Saint Mazie / Manhattan Inn / Nights And Weekends / Night Of Joy




Photo from my second to last day in New York, sporting some impressively tan legs, and my new favorite Christopher Kane top. Having just bought a very fancy pink suitcase on Canal st. after about 5 mimosas at The TriBeCa Grand, which I must admit is the perfect time to go shopping. Now I’m back in Denmark, already longing for New York and it’s filthy streets.