Chic Rabbis.



Speaking of exhibitions, one of my favorites from last year was the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn museum. A huge exhibit going over most of his archive. There was one collection I fell for a bit more than the others, the collection was Chic Rabbis F/W 1993. First of all the entire ensemble in the picture above is beyond incredible, and also, this is sort of exactly what I want to wear when the temperatures drop.

Chinese Whispers.


The news on next years Met Gala theme is out, and I’ll honestly say I’m excited for this one. The theme is chinese whispers, which will include art, film and fashion. And show how westerners have included the eastern culture and both understood and misunderstood it. I also look forward to seeing how people will dress on the red carpet for this one (last year was a slight failure, red carpet-wise, in my eyes)


(picture via – John Galliano for Dior 1997, shot by Nick Knight)

Green Velvet.


Although my New York “stash” of shoes currently contains about 100 pairs, I couldn’t help feeling that I “needed” these green velvet Dries Van Noten ones, and when they’re marked down 80%, it’s totally okay right? Or maybe that’s just my logic. Although I haven’t had the chance to wear them yet, I’m sure they’ll become a wardrobe favorite.

Sweater Weather.


It’s that perfect season in New York where the weather is even more bipolar than the inhabitants of the city. Also called the “Sweater on, then off, then on again season”. Truth be told, I just wanna keep my sweater on and bury myself in it, at least during classes when the air-conditioning is blasting. There is no doubt that the large chunky sweater will be my fall favorite, but due to a recent wardrobe cleanse, suggested by my boyfriend, I find myself owning only small, practical sweaters, alas, what can a girl do, except go and find some new sweaters to throw in the closet? These sweaters by Zara are my ultimate favorites at the moment (also because they don’t cost a months rent).



- Outfit Du Jour -

foto 2 (1)

Me and my “Happy Face” post shopping trip.

Chanel Sunglasses / Rick Owens Jacket / Forever 21 Tee / By Zoé Pants / Dries Van Noten Heels


Damir Doma.

foto 3

I’ve had a pair of Max mara boots for almost 8 years now, I’ve worn them almost every day, they’ve been with my on all trips abroad, they’ve been to Roskilde festival, countless concerts and even more parties. Which of course has made them look more like the boots worn by Oliver Twist than an expensive pair of Max Mara boots. I’ve had them fixed 9 times, but last week I had to finally let them go, and find a new pair. That’s why I was so excited when I found these Damir Doma “sneaks” 50% off at Nag Store! Hi new favorite shoes!